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Paso Robles Carpet Store Releases Tips for Choosing Carpet

carpet Paso Robles

-How many of us have browsed through a carpet showroom expecting to leave with the perfect carpeting only to discover we have more questions? The team from Frontier Flooring & Window Coverings, the Paso Robles carpet, flooring and window coverings store, has prepared a list of tips to help buyers make more informed decisions about the best carpeting choice for their needs.

Carpeting adds to the attractiveness, comfort and enjoyment of a home or business. The normal lifespan for carpeting is from five to 15 years and it’s not unusual for high quality carpet that is taken care of to still be beautiful for over 20 years. Carpeting is a major investment in a home or business. Fortunately, there are carpeting styles and materials for every need and budget.

Whether choosing carpeting for home or business there are some basic things to consider:

  • Budget and square footage is often the top consideration. Measure the rooms to be carpeted for an idea of the overall square footage. It’s a good idea to have a professional re-measure the rooms before making the final purchase. Carpeting and interior design professionals have tools for accurate measurements that may save quite a bit of money.
  • Color is a personal choice but that favorite bright red might not be the right color for carpet. Choose a color that is going to be pleasing for a long time, that will blend with any future redecorating, and that is going to stay fresh looking with proper care.
  • Durability and ease of cleaning carpet is an important factor. Certain areas get more traffic and wear than other areas. The more traffic, the sturdier the type of carpet needed. The potential for spills, pet accidents and tracked in dirt and dust mean carpeting needs to be stain resistant and easy to clean. The team of Paso Robles carpet professionals has the knowledge and experience to recommend the best types of carpeting for all needs.
  • Pile types, how the fibers of the carpeting are designed, materials the carpeting is made from and stain resistant treatments all help determine the lifespan of the carpet. The pile and material also contribute to personal aesthetics such as how the carpet feels underfoot. Texture and color contribute to the overall look and feel carpeting adds to your décor.
  • Don’t forget padding that goes under the carpet.

There is a lot to know about carpeting. Rather than trying to learn all about different piles, materials and treatments, decide on the best budget, choose a few colors that will work then make a list of who is going to be using the carpeting such as kids and pets, and the areas that are going to have the most foot traffic. Take all of this information with you when you visit the showroom. The Paso Robles carpet professionals recommend making an appointment because you have dedicated assistance and will be presented with the best choices.

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