SERVPRO of Santa Maria Releases ‘Water Damage and What a Leaking Roof Really Means’

-The old adage, “The roof doesn’t leak when it doesn’t rain,” might be true, but that doesn’t mean water damage from rain has gone away. Mark Powers, franchise owner of SERVPRO of Santa Maria said, “Water damage may have already started even if the source of the leaks are found and repaired.”

When the roof leaks, water seeps into the roof structures, ceiling, into walls and eventually can reach supporting structures, even the floor. Even small undetected leaks cause damage over time. The longer leaks go undetected or unrepaired, the greater the damage.

Roof leaks can be catastrophic if a section of the roof suddenly gives way, or be slow leaks that start by soaking into surround structures before eventually leaking through the ceiling or soaking into the walls.

  • Roof leaks can damage electrical wiring and lead to fire.
  • Undetected leaks lead water damage and rotting structures.
  • Where the leak appears in the ceiling or wall is not necessarily the same place the roof is leaking. Water travels the path of least resistance and can cause damage between the source of the leak and where the water begins to drip.
  • Leaks damage paint, plaster, art hanging on the walls, and drapery.
  • A hidden leak that drips into a closet or cabinet can damage the contents in addition to the structures before being detected.
  • Leaks into walls can also soak into flooring.
  • Mold, the frequent companion of water damage, brings another set of problems that can lead to health issues and expensive repairs.

There are a few things that can be done when a roof leak is discovered:

  • Place buckets and other large containers under the ceiling leak to prevent water damage to carpets and floors.
  • Stop the leak, this means finding the source of the leak in the roof and covering that area with a tarp as soon as the weather allows safe access to the roof.
  • Immediately repairing the roof as soon as weather allows.

Inspecting for leaks and signs of leaks is also advised. The top signs of a leaking roof, aside from the dripping water, include:

  • Stains on the ceiling, and interior and exterior walls.
  • Mold on the ceiling or walls.
  • Moss or mold on exterior walls.
  • Missing or loose roof shingles.
  • Roof debris in the gutters or flowing out of the drain spouts.

To prevent more damage, make repairs as soon as possible. Call SERVPRO of Santa Maria to repair water damage or mold damage. The team of highly trained technicians have the experience, expertise, and advanced training that enables them to get your property dried quickly and thoroughly. Using the latest scientific drying principles and specialized equipment, SERVPRO of Santa Maria provides validation and documentation that your property is dry and the job is complete. The company also helps you process and monitor your insurance claims.

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